Sunday , April 5 2020

Lahore administration serves notices to 24 illegal petrol pumps

Lahore: The administration of Lahore has issued notices to the managements of 24 petrol pumps who are running on the state land in the city despite cancellation of their leases.

Supreme Court bench recently ordered the Punjab government and the city district government to take over all 24 petrol pumps, that are being run illegally and auction them through open bidding.

The district administration issued notices and ordered the petrol pump managers to seel their petroleum stocks by February 05. The authorities will take over the land and seal these sites after this deadline.

District administration will not be bound to issue stay orders after the ruling of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The DC Lahore gave orders to the Assistant Commissioners to distribute the notices to illegal petrol pumps.

Administration has also directed that petrol pump owners must display banners on their pump about the closure on Feb 5.

The DC said that owners of all 24 petrol pumps had not been leaving the state land although their license have been expired for several years now.


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