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Four policemen booked for beating a man to death in Lahore


In Nawab town of Lahore police recorded a case against four his own and six unknown persons for beating a person badly to his death on Monday.

The victimized family protested against police cruelty and blocked Lahore’s Johar town road on Sunday. They also were slogging against Lahore police for their failure in the system. Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar noticed this incident and sighed report from the Punjab Police Chief.

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Jan’s father elaborated that four policemen and six other persons in civil uniform entered in his house and started beating his son until he collapsed and died. He said that policemen not only stole money from him but also his mobile phone. He said that it is a common thing for the police to prove that they have raided.

According to the police, they conducted a raid on receiving gambling information in Nawab town’s shanty area. 23-years old Ashfaq Jan ran away to escape himself and slipped, his head hit by a stone due to which he died. An investigation is started and Jan’s body has been sent for a post-mortem examination.





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