Sunday , March 29 2020

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Pakistani Actress Ayeza Khan Says She is Living Her Best Life

Ayeza Khan

Pakistani renowned actress Ayeza Khan, who is in self-isolation with her family amid the coronavirus outbreak, has said that she is ‘living her best life’ and urged her fans to have faith in Allah, no matter how dark it gets. The Mere Paas Tum Ho actress to Instagram to share adorable …

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Why COVID-19 Became a Social Media Nightmare?

COVID-19 is a nightmare for social media

The COVID-19 has become a new and bigger challenge for social media companies because the use of the internet has been increased worldwide due to lockdown. The biggest reputational risk for social sites is spreading of misinformation regarding COVID-19. People on social media are spreading fake news and giving more …

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Coronavirus Updates: Global Death Toll Tops 30,000

Coronavirus updates

Coronavirus Updates: More than 30,000 people have died worldwide in the coronavirus pandemic, two-thirds of them in Europe, while over 10,000 have died in Italy. In total, 30,003 lives have been lost with 21,334 of those in Europe where Italy has the highest number of fatalities with 10,023 deaths, followed …

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Tokyo Olympic Games Likely To Open In July 2021

Tokyo Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japanese organizers decided to set the opening date for the Tokyo Olympic Games in July next year. The Tokyo event, postponed last week due to COVID-19 and now will most likely have its opening ceremony in 2021 on July 23 and closing ceremony on …

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Indian govt sending coronavirus infected patients to Kashmir


The Indian government became blind in the oppression of Kashmiris by sending infected patients of coronavirus disease COVID-19 to Kashmir. The whole world is gripped with fear and uncertainty due to Coronavirus disease COVID-19. Even in this pandemic situation, Modi Sarkar didn’t shy away from its rhetoric habits and crossed …

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The Benefits of Deadly COVID-19 has Also Come Out


The COVID-19 has frightened almost all the countries of the world and the international economy is suffering due to the lockdown, but experts have revealed that after the outbreak, there are changes that are not seen in past. Just happy we needed them too. All over the world, including Pakistan, …

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Four Doctors of Top Hospitals of Karachi infected with COVID-19

doctors of top hospitals of Karachi infected with COVID-19

KARACHI: Four doctors and related staff at the top hospitals of Karachi, including the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) and the Liaquat National Hospital (LNH), have tested positive for coronavirus disease COVID-19. These both are the top hospitals of Karachi, Sindh and most patients of COVID-19 are in these hospitals. …

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101-year-old Coronavirus Patient Recovers in Italy Today

coronavirus patient

A 101-year-old coronavirus patient was released today from the hospital in Rimini, Italy, after an inexplicable recovery against COVID-19. Termed as “Mr P” in the Italian media to protect his name, the patient had tested negative before being released from the hospital. This miraculous recovery of the coronavirus patient proved …

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‘Strange’ Theories About Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

Theories about coronavirus

Pakistani former foreign minister and Abdullah Hussain Haroon shared some strange theories about coronavirus disease COVID-19. Abdullah, former ambassador to the United States, said, “This virus is not natural.” He claimed that it was created in a laboratory. Terming it a conspiracy, he said the virus was created as a …

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Afghanistan: Gurdwara attack was conducted by an Indian

Gurdwara attack

KABUL: One of the four terrorists involved in the terror attack on Sikhs in Kabul was a 30-year-old shopkeeper who had fled along with 14 other youths from Kerala (India) to join the Islamic State (ISIS) four years ago. ISIS published his photo on their magazine. According to details, Abu …

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