Wednesday , May 27 2020

Little Girl Rape: Incompetent Governance, Lahore

Girl Rape

Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan. However, governance reaches really a vulnerable situation. Little girl Rape cases have been increased day by day, however, authorities are snoozing. Strict actions are not being taken against the culprit. In this situation, it becomes unsafe to play the kids in the street.

In Lahore, a 6-year girl raped by a man. The father of the girl told the police that the little prince was taken to the hospital after facing severe pain.  Lady Doctor in the hospital told that his daughter was raped. This earth-shattering news makes the father of that little girl weep with blood tears.

However, it is not the first in Punjab. In a single year, almost 2,841 child abuse cases were registered to the police stations which is really an alarming situation for us.

Punjab Police and other concerned authorities should take strict action against perpetrators, so that our kids may live a balanced life without any fear.

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