Tuesday , June 2 2020

Little Professor Hamad Safi was operated in Islamabad hospital

hamad safi

Pakistan‘s first little and famous professor Hamad Safi was operated in Islamabad hospital, but Hamad raised the question on the operation and doctors. He put the whole story on social media.

Hamad Safi shared a lengthy post on social media site Facebook yesterday and made everyone aware of his illness. He questioned whether it was a wrong test or wrong operation.

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“A few days ago, he suffered severe abdominal pain, which caused his parents to move him immediately to Al-Shafa International Hospital Islamabad, but the doctor inspected him and sent him back home,” he said.

Later, ‘he again complained of stomach ache, which led him to the emergency hospital again at Al-Shafa International Islamabad, where he was immediately operated on appendix’.


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