Tuesday , June 2 2020

Loopholes in governance led to the citizens fleeing abroad: PM Imran

Pakistanis were forced to leave their country because of the glitches in the governance system, not because of the lack of resources. Imran Khan said this on Wednesday during his address to a gathering of Pakistanis in Malaysia.

Prime Minister Imran Khan recalled the time when Pakistan had very powerful economy and Malaysian prince were sent to Pakistan for higher education. It was the golden time when no other country could reach Pakistan’s level.

Per capital income of Pakistan was higher than any other in the South-East Asia. He further said, that ups and downs are no bad if we learn something from them and rise as a greater nation.

He added that leaders like Mahatir Mohammad help nations grow, emerge and stand on the top. Despite limited resources, he made immense progress and earned a fame and name in the world.

Imran said that Mahatir Mohammad has proved that only good governance matters. If resources are not properly managed and distribution of wealth is unfair; nations crumble.

He made sure that we will bring Pakistan out of economic tyranny and corruption will be dealt effectively. And there will be a Pakistan where people wont have to leave out for their jobs.


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