Friday , January 24 2020

Major security flaws found in TikTok


‘Byte Dice’, an internet security provider company detects some major security defects in the social media app TikTok, a video streaming service on the Internet.

Due to these security flaws, hackers were able to delete or upload a video on this platform, altering personal details and settings. 

Researchers at Checkpoint Security Frames have discovered a number of flaws that could prove to be a handy tool for hackers.

TikTok authorities said that all these defects were removed and they thanked the security firm for alerting them.

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Checkpoint said that these security defects in TikTok have been around for the past year and have raised serious questions.

The main reason for these security flaws is the method that is linked to the phone numbers of the talk users and the users have to give the app while registering.

Last week, US military officials issued a directive to all soldiers not to open the Chinese app on government-issued phones because they feared that it might be linked with the Chinese government.

Initially popular in China and other Asian countries, the app has grown rapidly in recent years and now has a 1.5 billion subscriber base.

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