Wednesday , May 27 2020

Malaysian govt advised women to wear make-up and dress neatly so men can stay home

Malaysian govt

The Malaysian government has apologized for the suggestion given to women during lockdown because of the Coronavirus, explaining that the government’s proposal was intended to cope better with the outbreak.

The Malaysian Ministry of Women March 30 gave suggestions to women through social media posts to improve the situation of lockdown.

Lockdown has been in force since last month due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in Malaysia and people have been advised to remain confined to their homes.

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According to the report by Al Arabia, the Ministry of Women had suggested that married women should wear decent clothes and makeup all the time during the lockdown so that their husbands would happily stay at home.

Although the Ministry of Women had given suggestions to married women, the ministry had not given any suggestions for unmarried people.

After giving suggestions, people criticized the government and declared the government proposals based on gender discrimination, after which the government deleted their posts.

It is thought that by the afternoon of April 3 in Malaysia, the number of patients had increased to more than 3,116 and there were up to 50 deaths.

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