Thursday , April 2 2020

Malaysian PM visiting Pakistan on March 23, says FM Qureshi

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad will visit Pakistan on March 23, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Friday.

Foreign Office informed that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatair Mohammad along with the delegation of investors will visit Pakistan towards the end of March.

The foreign minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will leave for Qatar on an official visit on January 22. Qatar has also promised to give 100,000 jobs to Pakistanis, he mentioned while in Multan.

Mehmood Qureshi commented that Pakistan asked for the help from the friendly countries to cushion its limping economy.

Previously, Saudi Arabia had given Pakistan a package of $12 billion, China provided $2 billion and the UAE announced $3 billion for the country, the foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan invited his Malaysian counterpart Mahatir Mohammad to come over Pakistan. Prime Minister was also invited by Malaysian PM and he went there on official visit.

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