Friday , April 10 2020

Man accused of stealing goat beaten to death in police custody

Qadirpur Ran: Police allegedly tortured a man to death who was used of stealing a goat in Qadirpur Ran city.

Imran a resident on Qadirpur Ran was allegedly blamed of stealing a goat. The 27-year-old man was arrested, and tortured in police custody to death.

The SHO Inspector Falak Sher and ASI Naveed Irfan of Qadirpur Ran police station have been arrested on the orders of the IG Punjab Police for this brutal death incident.

Victim’s family staged protest on the Nishtar Road and sought justice in this regard. Imran’s father filed FIR against the culprits and the mother of Imran ranted that her son was completely innocent, he did not steal anything.

Inspector General Punjab Police Spokesperson Nabila Ghazanfar assured that department will take strict actions against it. “Highhandedness is not acceptable at any cost,” she said.

A housemaid identified as Saima was allegedly tortured for 13 days in the men’s lock-up at Chak Jhumra Police Station over theft charges, few days back ago.

Saima said in video statement that she is honest and she suffered mental and physical torture.

“Cops are putting hot water into my mouth in the name of investigation over charges of theft,” Saima said.

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