Saturday , February 22 2020

Mawra Hocane solve the mystery of ‘Hocane’ and ‘Hussian’

Mawra Hocane

Fans of Mawra and Urwa have often expressed their doubts about how they pronounce the twin sisters surname (Hocane).

Hocane is written with the names of both Maura and Urwa, in which they use ‘C’ instead of the English letter ‘S’ which cause confusion among their fans to how to call superstars name.

When we pronounce Hocane, it sounds like ‘Huqin’ instead of ‘Hussain’. But now Mawra solved the problem with her and Urwa’s name.

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In such a case, Mawra said that her last name was ‘Hussain’, but when she was in seventh grade at the school, she changed the spelling of her name and at that time she did not know that it would be so popular among the people.

If you look at the social media accounts of both Mawra and Urwa, the spelling of Hussain is written as Hocane.


However, now actress Mawra has also added the correct spelling of Hussain to her name on all her social media accounts.



Mawrahas solved the name issue for her fans, but Urwa still using the old spelling on social media accounts.

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