Saturday , January 25 2020

Hareem Shah Breaks her silence on her Father’s Video Message

Hareem Shah's Father Video
A video of Harim Shah’s father is going viral on social media in which he apologizes to all those who suffered any kind of embarrassment due to his daughter.

Harim Shah is in the news right now due to some controversial videos and contacts with famous personalities. After the recent case of Hareem Shah, a video of Harim Shah’s father is circulating on social media in which he is introducing himself as Zarar Hussain Shah.

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In a video of about 12 minutes duration, he also revealed that Hareem Shah’s real name is ‘Faza Hussain’.
The talk star’s father said he did not have words to describe his grief but apologized to all those who were hurt by Harem Shah’s videos.

Amazingly, he also revealed that Hareem Shah is also a religious scholar also.

To make the long story short, according to Zarrar Hussain Shah, he is praying to Allah to turn his daughter from Haram Shah to Fiza Hussain again.

On the other hand, a video of his father was also shared on a Twitter account attributed to Harim Shah, in the tweet she requested, “The media and the public are requested not to include my family in these matters and do not share my personal information.”

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