Sunday , May 31 2020

Media Blackout of Azadi March by PTI Government?

In anticipation, Molana Fazal Ur Rehman instructed to all the senior leadership of JUI-F about activating the social media wing. In today’s life, everyone knows the importance of social media and every political party is taking maximum advantages of social media platforms. Therefore, it is a matter of fact that without using social media effectively, it is really hard to make the Azadi March Viral.

To counter the different propagandas against Azadi March, the Social media wing of JUI-F can play an important role. Moreover, Media Blackout is another probability that cannot be ignored by JUI-F. In the case of Media Blackout, all the coverage of Azadi March can be covered by Social Media.

Although it is a little late to strategize social media policy by JUI-F, yet it would a vigilant move by a Molana Fazl Ur Rehman. He said that JUFI had strengthened the social media wing that will give proper coverage on social media. Moreover, that social media wing is supposed to counter all the propagandas against Azadi March.

If we analyze the previous Dharnas History in Pakistan, we will come to know that social media played an important role in Imran Khan’s Dharna, despite the free electronic media.

Nowadays, electronic media has been facing several hindrances from PEMRA and it is believed by JUIF that Media Blackout would be a common strategy of PEMRA

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