Monday , May 25 2020

Meeting between Moulana Fazal and Gen. Bajwa

Moulana Fazalur RehmanAccording to Private TV channel’s anchor, Moulana Fazal met General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

In the meeting, Moulana Fazal discussed the nature of Azad March in detail. On the other hand, General Bajwa tried to make the Moulana understand the critical situation of the country.

Moreover, the General explained the external and internal challenges of Pakistan and got the Moulana understood about the debilitating economy of Pakistan.

Border issues like a violation are the major setbacks of Pakistan. Furthermore, Iran-Saudi issues were also discussed in the meeting.

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General Bajwa briefed about the issue of Kashmir. Having discussed all the problems and setbacks, Gen. Bajwa advised Moulana that it was not an appropriate time for Azadi March where Pakistan is facing severe challenges externally as well as internally.

We tried our best to work for the supremacy of the constitution and Pakistan

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