Tuesday , June 2 2020

Mega tree plantation campaign launched by Al Muslim International

al muslim international

Gujrat: Massive tree plantation campaign was launched by Non-Government Organization (NGO) Al Muslim international across the country.

Keeping in mind the rising threats of Global warming, the rise in temperature and water shortage crisis that country is facing today many have come forward in this charitable work of planting trees.

The government of Pakistan has already started a campaign on the massive level but we can not leave it to them only. Being a responsible citizen of Pakistan we must understand that this is the need of the hour and we must play a role to make Pakistan Green and clean. ‘Our Individual roles will pull out global effects’ only if we realize that it is not only governments duty.

Al Muslim international is a reputable and dynamic organization that has its defined purpose of making safer and cleaner Pakistan. In this regard, they have begun extensive plantation throughout the different regions of the country. The Organization head aimed at playing his part as a responsible citizen by creating awareness among the masses and arranged plantation campaigns under the umbrella of his organization.

The organization during its foundation phase held a formal ceremony last week in Gujarat where it was announced that the next areas to observe tree plantation will be major cities of Pakistan including country capital.

abou bakar

Founder & Chairman of Al-Muslim International, Muhammad Abou Bakar planted the first sapling himself. Following the tradition, volunteers and locals in the area planted around 1000 sapling of various trees in the city area of Gujrat. Many local politicians and respectable people of the Gujrat city appreciated this step and requested more people to join this organization to help achieve their target.

he also urged the need of planting trees to play role in improving the environment. He addressed the volunteers and local notables participating in the “Keep Green & Clean Pakistan Campaign” that, “Tree plantation is Sadqa E Jaria for generations to come.” He further remarked that this is the golden time that we think about our children providing them with clean air to breathe in.

He raised awareness regarding the drastic climate change and informed masses that this climate change can only be reversed if we stop deforestation and plant more trees. He added that pollution has spread many diseases and every year in the month of November smog surrounds various areas of Punjab and the sole reason is that there are no trees to take in carbon dioxide.

al muslim international

al muslim international

al muslim international

al muslim international

al muslim international


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