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Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Leaked

Pakistan’s renowned drama ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ comes to its last journey, with millions of fans waiting for the last episode. The writer of the drama, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar said that I almost cried while writing the last episode. In fact, in the last scene of the drama, the paper was full of teardrops; I had to rewrite the last scenes again.

The drama is in the last stage, and millions of people are waiting for the last episode. Throughout the last week, there are many rumors that the plot of the last episode was leaked. The Newsbox team took a thorough investigation of the process and gathered all the evidence regarding the leaked updates. Some of them were irrelevant, while some of them were shocking.

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With all the fans and social media sources, here’s everything we’ve collected so far regarding the last episode of drama mere pass tum ho.

Mara Pas Tum ho

We all know that Danish Akhtar and Mehwish are divorced because of Shehwaar Ahmed. The first 20 minutes of the drama goes well with some dialogue between Danish and his family members. In the second half of the scene, there is some climax. Mehwish feels pity for herself and wants to meet with Danish because of her disrespectful decision.

She has a lot of questions on her mind, why she left him? He was honest with me? He was a caring person and things like that. She called Danish, and after talking for 2-3 minutes on the phone, she invited him to her old flat where they both first come together.

Danish agrees with the proposal and went along with Mehwish request. Meanwhile, Shehwaar decided to meet Mehwish for the last time. Now in the current context, three of them are headed in the same location.

During the journey, shehwaar saw them both headed to the flat. He felt disrespectful of the situation, and because of his previous relationship with Danish, he decided to end the game once and for all.

Shehwaar has a firearm packed in his car dashboard. He parks the car, loads his gun, and went to the lift.  His mind is filled with anger and regret. He then leaves the lift, walks to the front door, and rings the doorbell. Now camera angle changes to Danish, from the inside of the flat.

Danish opens the door and gives a shocking appearance to shehwaar. There’s a moment of silence in the current context and a dramatical music plays on the background. Shehwaar mind is filled with hatred and anger. He decides to shoot danish and end this game once and for all.

He aims for danish chest and pulls the trigger. Meanwhile, mehwish pushes danish to the other side and sacrifices herself for love and honor.

After that Shahwar jailed for life. Danish gets married to Hania, School teacher of Rumi.

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