Tuesday , June 2 2020

Mineral water case: Federal and provincial govt agree on the same price.

The Federal and Provincial governments are on the same page regarding the price of water. They set price of Rs.1 per litre of bottled water. Companies on the other hand say they want to pay Rs 0.25 per litre.

Supreme court has clearly stated that If any company isn’t okay with the price they may shut down the company.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar blatantly said that you cannot bottle ground water and advertise and sell it as mineral water.

The billion worth water is extracted from the ground for free and is being sold at a huge price. He said this in front of the company representatives.

One of the representative argued that appropriate rice should be set for water. To which Justice Nisar replied, “The truth is, these companies should be shut down.  that costs them a lot.

The WASA director general also stated that no water company has visited the office to obtain environmental safety certificates.

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