Thursday , April 2 2020

‘Mira Sethi should leave acting to become a news anchor’

“Mira Sethi should leave acting to become a news anchor,” expressed drama actress Natasha Ali during a show ‘Hamarey Mehmaan’

Fiza Shoaib was hosting the show and during the interview with the renowned actress Natasha Ali she asked some fun questions during the ‘rapid fire’ round in the show, the actress’s replies were intriguing.

In pne of the question she she was asked to name one actress who you thinks should leave acting and she was given choices such as Sonya Hussyn, Hania Amir, Sohai Ali Abro and Mira Sethi. She promptly replied that she thinks Mira should leave acting to become a news anchor (at 10:12 mark in the video above)

In the same session she was questioned, who would you like to work with and the options were Meera Jee and Sahir Lodhi and she replied that both of them are reasonably good to work with.

The actress revealed her love for paintings and replied to some “accusations” that people put on her during the sessions.

She was questioned that if she is looking for a husband who is able to cook and earns himself, then actress replied in negative.  “This a blatant lie, I am only looking for a guy who earns himself of course, but yes, I can cook for him.”

To one of the rumor that she celebrate Valentine’s Day, the actress addressed that it is just like every other normal day.

“If there is a get together at my friends’ place, I’ll remember the day but not otherwise,” said Natasha Ali.

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