Tuesday , June 2 2020

Modi won’t visit Ankara due to Erdogan’s Stance

rajab tayyab erdogan

Modi’s visit has been scheduled, however, Modi canceled the visit to turkey. the reason that is being told is that Tayyip Erdogan’s stance against India.

Recently, Tayyip Erdogan has supported Pakistan in the IOK issue. Moreover, Erdogan condemned the occupation of India over Kashmir.

Owing to the support of Erdogan to Pakistan, Modi is not about to visit Turkey.
This would be a setback for Turkey, nevertheless, Turkey doesn’t take such types of decisions into account since the attack on Kurdish.

Before Modi’s decision, Trump also imposed sanctions on Turkey. Later on, that issue was resolved by making diplomacy in an effective manner. Notwithstanding, Modi’s decision show his poor diplomacy toward a strong Muslim country.

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