Monday , May 25 2020

Modi’s Atrocious Mentality and Water Problem

Modi Water Problem

Modi’s Atrocious Mentality and Water Problem.

How would you expect a positive and peaceful decision from a tea-seller guy? Another time, Modi shows his extremist mindset to grab the attention and votes of the poor Indians. While addressing the election rally, he said that Haryana Farmers are the sole owner of northwestern water. Adding more, he will not allow flowing the water to Pakistan.

Modi’s policy is more than clear that make the Indians fool and instigate against Pakistan and win the election. The assembly election in Haryana and Maharastra is going to held on 21st October. And Modi plays a card to win the election.

We know Modi will win this election too because of the extremist nature of Indians.

Before that Modi has threatened over water problem. He said, “Water and Blood cannot flow together.”

Violation of the Indus Water Treaty can bring serious results to Pakistan and its dangling economy, however, it is not good for India as well.

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