Thursday , April 9 2020

Mohsin Abbas Haider reveals his battle with depression

Singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider revealed how he fought depression on Monday through his Instagram account before he deleted the post.

The supporting actor in Na Malom Afraad 1 & 2 Mohsin Abbas Haider wrote: “Depression is all set to kill me soon. Just wanted to say thanks to the people who caused it.”

This post that recently surfaced on social media by the flawless actor of ‘Meri Guriya’, left his friends and fans in amaze.

Number of his colleagues commented on the post the singer and actor for his immesne bravery.

Model Fia Sofia Khan commented, “I was a patient myself. You have to fight this battle on your own. But you would need help and trust me, that brings peace. I started yoga and regular namaz that took me out of that (depression). You have to constantly tell yourself that you can’t let (the other side) win over. It sounds weird but it really helps. Sending lots of positive energy your way.”


Osman Butt advised his friend Mohsin Abbas to stay strong and urged him to vent out whenever he feels comfortable.




Famous ‘Bulbulay’ star Ayesha Omar came up with supporting words and wrote a long comment supporting and advising Mohsin about how to come out of depression.

“You’re not alone, Mohsin. Just talk to someone and get help. Talk to anyone you feel like but talk. Don’t be afraid to get help or open up about what you’re feeling. It is completely okay to not be okay. There are so many people who love you and your energy. I’m one of them. Just take 15 minutes at a time. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Forget everything else. This is about you and you got this. Put on Surah Rehman when you feel helpless. It will give you peace. And then get help. Professional and friendly. Do not let anyone’s opinion define you. They are people, just like you,” wrote Ayesha Omar.

Mohsin Abbas is not the only Pakistani celebrity to have his depression story made public, there have been many in the past. But since the actor is full of fun and friendliness so his worrisome post shocked everyone.

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