Saturday , May 30 2020

Money launderers hiding behind Iqama to be grabbed soon

Islamabad: The government cautioned on Monday that all major money launderers who have taken Iqama will be soon grabbed.

Shehzad Akbar special Assistant to Prime Minister on accountability spoke in a press conference. He said that 5.3 billion US dolars  have been sent out illegally from Pakistan by over 5000 fake accounts who were illegally created and used.

He threw light on how Iqama can help you save your money outside the country. He said that high profile people request Iqama from the government and send their money outside Pakistan. He revealed. “Pakistan is the top third country to invest in the real estate of Dubai”, PM’s special aide said.

He further told that state is working and contacting other governments to give the list of the people who have applied and taken Iqama.

He presented that facts that over last few years Pakistanis have bought properties of worth $15 billion. In the first round the politicians that posses the asset of above 1 million will be chased.

It is highly expected that the names of the culprits will be put in to the Exit Control List (ECL).

Akbar said, “an angel comes and deposits money into people’s accounts and then he has the audacity to say, in the TV interview, to corroborate the charges.” He said this targeting Asif Ali Zardari who in a TV interview gave support in this regard.

He said that officials are having dialogues with certain countries regarding this matter

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