Monday , May 25 2020

Multan doctors protest privatisation of hospitals

Doctor Protest

The doctors and paramedic team have been performing a protest at Multan’s Nishtar Hospital for a month now. They don’t want the government to privatize all hospitals.

They required that the government should take back the Medical Teaching Institute (MTI) Act. The new law pursues to ensure the independent running of hospitals deprived of any political interference.

The ruthlessness of the protests greater than before, after the doctors shut down the hospital’s operation theatres five days ago. The protesters vocalized slogans against the government.

The doctors are worried about job security and fear the burden of strict rules after the act is applied. They say that the privatization would also lead to an increase in medical fees.

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The management of Nishtar Hospital had issued a show-cause notice to 73 doctors and paramedic staff. The outraged employees burnt the notices in response.

Patients continue to suffer and claim that doctors refuse to tend to them.

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