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Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah extends Rangers policing powers for 90 days

Pakistan rangers take part in a search operation after the firing incident near Karachi airport in Karachi on June 10, 2014. The second attack on Pakistan's Karachi airport in as many days ended without casualties, officials said, but with the escape of the two gunmen involved. AFP PHOTO/Rizwan TABASSUM
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KARACHI(Web Desk): The Government of Sindh  on Monday after great deliberation approved an extension in the special powers of the Sindh Rangers for three month (90 days) in the Karachi.

Newly elected Chief Minister of Sindh  Murad Ali Shah signed the documentation to extend the Rangers’ stay in the karachi for one year and an extension of  three month (90 days) in the special powers of the Sindh Rangers, said the Sindh government Officials.

The summary of Sindh Ranger Approval will now be sent to the federal Interior Ministry of pakistan.

In a statement issued by the Chief Minister House, Murad Ali Shah said he hoped the Rangers would continue to work for peace in Sindh specialty in Karachi  with the same commitment.

However, the statement was ambiguous as to whether the jurisdiction of the Rangers’ powers extended to the whole province.

According to the media channels a senior official in the Sindh government told to media channels  that Shah held a meeting with the co-chairperson of PPP Asif  Ali Zardari in Dubai on Sunday, at which the latter ordered the Chief Minister of Sindh  Murad Ali Shah to notify Rangers’ one-year stay in Sindh with policing powers for 90 Days.

Apart from discussing the Rangers’ powers issue with Asif Ali  Zardari, Chief Minister of Sindh  Murad Ali Shah had also sought the former president’s guidance over the expansion of his cabinet to accommodate certain leaders.

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