Thursday , June 4 2020

NAB raids Bahria town office at Super highway

A team of investigators of National Accountability Bureau raided an office of Malik Raiz’s Bahria Town on Super Highway in Karachi.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officials captured the documents from Bahria Town office Karachi during the raid.

NAB told the media that raid was planned because an important evidence was found from an office of the Malir Development Authority near Gulshan E iqbal.

When NAB spokesperson was questioned by one of the salesperson from media he refused to answer about the details of the raid and documents collected. NAB said that soon they will reveal information in the media.

Before this incident NAB had also raided on the office of MDA two days ago when they declared that they found important document against Bahria town.

MDA is convicted of transferring land illegally to Bahria town. Court has released order to stop construction work in Bahria town.

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