Friday , January 24 2020

Natasha Baig is ready to launch her debut album

Natasha Baig

Renowned singer and songwriter Natasha Baig wins the hearts of her fans every time with her brilliant voice and now she is about to launch her first album.

Natasha Baig began her career in 2013 with a musical show, While she gained popularity when she performed in the Coke Studio alongside with Abu Muhammad and Fareed Ayaz.

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Natasha Baig read Allama Iqbal’s phrase ‘Jawab-e-Shikwa’ at Coke Studio.

Her first album is titled ‘Zariya’, which will release 10 songs that include both Sufi and Rock music.


Talking with the media, Natasha says that through this album she is trying to achieve her destiny in society. She added, ‘I have tried to add some unique style music to my album as well, everyone will be different, all kinds of songs have been added to the taste of the people.’

Natasha Baig’s debut album will be released internationally as well, while she is producing videos for these songs.

In addition to this album, Natasha Baig will also work with several other new artists including Ali Azmat.

The singer plans to start working on her second album, soon the first one hits the milestone.

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