Wednesday , January 29 2020

Nation must work together to protect children from sexual abuse and drugs: Imran Khan

Zindgi App

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that not a single institution or government but the entire society needs to work together to prevent children from sexual abuse and drug addiction.

The Prime Minister inaugurated the ‘Zindgi App’, which will try to protect children from drug addiction and provide information to school teachers and parents in this regard.

The government has developed a comprehensive anti-drug policy and Zindgi App is an important step in the process in which all information regarding drug control is available.

Addressing the inauguration of the app, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “We have decided to fight this drug monster with full force, but we must keep in mind that only anti-narcotics force or police can not defeat this monster the whole nation will have to join the hands to win the war against it.

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He said that with this app we would provide parents with information because many times parents do not even know what to do if the child becomes addicted to drugs and as long as they understand, it is too late.

“We are releasing this app through smartphones, but through mobile phones, sexual abuse and drug abuse of children are increasing and both are connected to mobile phones, which is causing rapid destruction,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that we would campaign together with the police, the anti-narcotics force and the teachers and close the supply line by arresting the mafia involved in this heinous crime.

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