Wednesday , January 29 2020

National Party terminated Senator Ashok Kumar membership to due to his support for Army Act

Ashok Kumar

Senator Ashok Kumar’s membership has been terminated due to a violation of party policy related to the bill being proposed to extend the term of the army chief.

Senator Dr Ashok Kumar, a member of the National Party, voted in favour of amending the Army Act.

National party central president Dr Abdul Malik Baloch terminated Senator Dr Ashok Kumar’s party membership in violation of party policies.

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According to the National Party spokesperson, the National Party decided to not support the Army Services Act Amendment Bill 2020, which is to be tabled in the Senate and the National Assembly, but Senator Dr Ashok Kumar, a member of the party, violated party policies by voting in favour of the amendment, it rejected the fundamental political ideology of the party.

According to the spokesman of the National Party, a reference will be sent to the Election Commission soon to cancel Dr Ashok Kumar’s membership in the Senate.

It should be noted that Zahid Akram Durrani, Shahida Akhtar Ali, Aaliyah Kamran, Maulana Jamal-ud-din, Moulana Sla-ud-din, Maulana Anwar, Maulana Abdul-Wassy, Mufti Abdul Shakoor, Moulana Kamal-ud-Din, Moulana Asad Mehmood, Agha Mahmood Shah and Qazi Asmatullah are among those who walkout from the National Assembly.

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