Thursday , June 4 2020

Navjot Singh Sidhu arrives in Pakistan to attend ceremony at Kartarpur

Lahore: Navjot Singh Sidhu, Indian Punjab Minister and Former Indian cricketer has arrived in Pakistan to attend Kartarpur Border Corridor ceremony held tomorrow (Wednesday).

While talking to media after arriving in Lahore at Wagah Border, he remarked that Prime Minister Imran khan and his government has invited him another time to Pakisatn.

He said that it was our chronic wish to open Kartarpur border for the Sikh Pilgrims and it was Imran Khan who fulfilled it. He was overjoyed with the expressions while talking to media.

He stood saying that 120 million Sikhs are extremely thankful for this decision taken by the both governments. He further said that no law in the world stops people from worshiping.

He also urged both countries to regularly play cricket matches to improve their relations and of course cricket too. The opening of Kartarpur will be done in a formal ceremony tomorrow and the construction will begin soon after that.

“I am a fan of Imran Khan since childhood”, Sidhu said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will cut the ribbons to start off Sikh pilgrims movement across the two countries. Sikh pilgrims annually come to historic Gurdwara near Narowal district.

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