Thursday , April 9 2020

New York breaks tourism record in 2018

New York: A record-breaking 65.2 million tourists visited New York in last year 2018, tourist board told on Wednesday, with mainly British tourists.

NYC & Company, revealed the statistics and according to which around 51.6 million Americans and 13.5 million foreign tourists visited the city last year as compared to 13.1 overseas visitors in in 2017.

Britons ranked at the top in terms of overseas visitors, with 1.24 million, followed by China (1.1 million), then Canada (1 million), Brazil (920,000) and France (807,000).

New York is ranked as the sixth- most visited city of 2018 for foreign tourists, Mastercard’s annual Global Destination Cities list rankings says that was published in September and showed 13.1 million annual visitors.

Bangkok came first in this ranking next to it were London, Paris, Dubai and Singapore.

The US’s financial capital hope to breaks the record on 2019 by predicting the visit to be 67 million this year. The tourism department has employed over 390,000 people facilitating the foreign and local tourists.

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