Thursday , April 2 2020

No more asking tourists for nikah namas or sniffing their alcoholic breath

Senators told the police to safeguard the public, not harass tourists and seek for the Nikahnama and stick to their job strictly and not ask extra and irrelevant questions.

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior informed Islamabad mayor, Sheikh Anser Aziz, that the police must stop stop harassing tourists by investigating about their marriage certificates (nikah namas) or smelling their breath for alcohol or probing into their family excessively.

Committee meeting that was held on Monday, was attended by PPP members and led by chairperson Senator Rehman Malik where they discussed that police treats people badly and asked them to stop harassing tourists, both foreign and domestic.

Police also sniff people’s mouths to see if they’ve taken alcohol. Rehman Malik said that they sniff not to prevent the use of alcohol but to know if they can get a bottle from tourists.This offends the tourist and maligns the impression.

Rehman Malik also said if any person fails to present Nikkahnama, they charge hefty amount from the couple, this is the reason strict orders must be given. He further said that by stop sniffing the smell of alcohol, will not legalize the use of alcohol but it is done to stop harassment.

These measures are being taken to promote tourism in the country.

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