Thursday , February 20 2020

No One is Virgin in Showbiz: Actress Sarwat Gilani

Sarwat Gilani

Pakistan’s well-known Actress Sarwat Gilani during an interview said that no one is a virgin in the showbiz industry of Pakistan.

She was giving an interview on the YouTube channel and the host of the program asked question from her “Tell the names of three persons other than me who are virgin”.

She smiled at this question and said,” it’s very difficult to name because approximately no one is virgin in the Showbiz industry of Pakistan.”

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It should be remembered that it was an entertainment interview and the format of this program is also entertaining.

Therefore, it cannot be said about the above assertion of Sarwat Gilani that this is a reality or she said it is as a joke.

During the interview, Sarwat Gilani also said, “Her husband is a skincare doctor; people think that she wakes up in the morning to add beauty-enhancing injections, in reality, there is nothing like it.”

“These injections give you harm than to glow or white your skin”, she added.

Earlier, She was on holiday with her husband Fahad Mirza in Rome. Fahad Mirza shared some pictures in which he was kissing with Sarwat Gilani, which stirred controversy on social media.

Sarwat Gilani

Social media brigade took Sarwat with iron hands and criticize the couple.

Here what Twitter users said:

Actor Sarwat Gilani hits back at haters, Taking to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Gillani said that people should stop following her if they hated her so much.

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