Tuesday , June 2 2020

‘No urgency on IMF programme’, Asad Umer

Karachi: Finance Minister Asad Umar stated that Pakistan can wait for two months before deciding on IMF package.

Asad Umer spoke recently about IMF programme, “We aren’t in a hurry, and we are covered even if it delays for two months.” That means the talk regarding possible IMF programme might begin at the end of January. IMF package couldn’t be reached during the recent talk when IMF delegation came to visit Pakistan.

Asad Umer further told that we still need the IMF package but immediate payments are all clear. And for another two months we can manage without IMF.

The government is trying to bring new agreements with friendly countries. The gap of $12 billion is huge but committed help from Saudi Arabia in the form of $3 bn cash and 4 3 billion for oil reserves will help stand economy.

The announced agreements with China and foreign investments from other countries will assist the crushed economy too.

In addition to that, China has promised that they will help Pakistan get back to its feet but additional talks and dialogue is needed. China has once again proved that they will not let Pakistan stand alone at this difficult time.

Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang said Beijing was open to providing help to Pakistan in all sectors through various agreements, CPEC and of course investment.

UAE and Malaysia visit has so far not produced any satisfactory results regarding the balance of payment but govt is hoping that more help is on the way.

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