Tuesday , March 31 2020

Now you can earn money by recording your voice on Facebook


Facebook will now ask its users for recordings of their voice and they will be paid in return.

Last year, Facebook said it would no longer listen to people’s voice, such as voice notes, through the Messenger app, which aimed to improve its ‘voice recognition’ technology.

According to a report by technology website The Verge, Facebook is launching a project called “Pronunciation” with its ViewPoint research app.

Remember that ViewPoints is the app that Facebook launched to reward people for participating in social media surveys.

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According to the report, Facebook will give 200 points to the user for each voice record, and for the completion of 1000 points, they will receive $ 5.

The project is currently just launched in the United States, and people over the age of 18 with 75 or more friends can participate.

Facebook has assured that these recordings will not be linked to users’ profiles and will not be shared on any Facebook property without the user’s consent.

Remember that last year, it was reported that Google, Amazon and Apple listen to voice recordings of stolen users who intended to improve their algorithms. All the companies subsequently abandoned the project and provided users with the convenience of deleting their data.

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