Tuesday , May 26 2020

Osama Bin Laden killed 5 people in India


In an Indian village, an elephant named Osama bin Laden killed five people in Boltar, a village in the northern of Assam India, this week.

“Not only that but in the past, Osama bin Laden attacked our villages and destroyed the rice fields besides killing people,” a local man, Rajan Rabinha, told the news agencies.

An extensive search by the forest authorities is underway to catch the elephant in the area.

Drones and pet elephants are being used to search Osama bin Laden. Assam’s Minister of Forestry Primal Shukla Bedia, says a committee comprising experts from the wildlife will decide what to do with the elephant.

Primal Shukla Bedia says, ‘We have not yet decided how to deal with this animal. It has also been suggested that we unconsciously take it to this part of the forest where no human population exists.

Shukla Badia further said that the safety of the people along with the elephants will be taken care of.

According to the news website North East Now, bin Laden was spotted in the Kantka area on Tuesday.

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The Forest Department official told the website: “We found Bin Laden in a tree trunk, 15 km from Tuesday’s crash.” We could see him once or twice, after which he went into the forest. Currently, the elephant is sheltered near the herd of elephants in the area.”

Three Forest Department teams are trying to uncover bin, Laden. This is not the first time that a killer elephant has been named the mastermind of al-Qaeda leader of the 9th XI.

During the last six years, an unprotected elephant has killed 70 people in Assam India. The elephant’s body was found last month near a village that was killed by angry villagers with lightning strikes.

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