Sunday , May 31 2020

‘Our Health is at Risk’: Young Doctors refuses to check patients

Young Doctors

Islamabad’s largest hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and all the major hospitals of Lahore have been partially closed down by young doctors demanding the complete shut down of OPD services.

According to the Young Doctors, masks and gloves were not provided by the government to staff working in OPDs.

Dr Fazal Khan, president of the Young Doctors’ Association in Islamabad, told NewsBox that the World Health Organization has provided masks, gloves and other preventive kits to doctors at the Isolation Ward set up for Coronavirus patients in Pims but the doctors in OPD don’t even have masks.

According to Dr Fazal, he has requested the government a month ago to provide masks and gloves.

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“There are thousands of patients in OPD and If a doctor gets infected with coronavirus, it can cause the virus to spread in the whole Hospital rather than cure these patients, we can not risk our life until govt provide us proper kits”, he added.

The president of the Young Doctors’ Association said that the number of doctors in the OPD has been kept low today and doctors will stop sitting in the OPD service tomorrow.

He said that Sindh and KP government also decided to discontinue OPD services.

National Health Spokesperson Sajid Shah, on the demand of the young doctors, said that all hospitals are taking precautionary measures and ‘masks and other equipment have been provided where required under the rules and regulations.’

Dr Eman Haseeb, the representative of the Young Doctors Association in Lahore, told NewsBox that the government did not provide masks and gloves to staff working in OPDs, on which the Young Doctor partially suspended the OPD service.

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