Sunday , March 29 2020

Over 150 shops to be bulldozed in Korangi today in anti-encroachment drive

Karachi: As part of anti-encroachment operation, over 150 more shops will be bulldozed in the Korangi area of the metropolitan city on Thursday .

Details tell that anti-encroachment department will reach the site along with the heavy machinery at 5:30 pm today. During this operations, the shops that are made illegally will be demolished.

Supreme Court directed the city mayor to conduct anti-encroachment drive in the port city and its going on for months now.  However, this move agitated the people and business community and they reacted against the government.

Mixed reactions were overall seen amongst the masses, varying opinions were held by different social classes.

Previously, Karachi mayor Waseem Akhtar expressed that his former colleagues threatened him of attempt on his life and his children’s life pertaining to encroachment drive in Karachi.

Supreme Court ordered the mayor in the light of Article 189, and its execution is compulsory for all institutions, the Mayor Karachi added.

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