Saturday , April 4 2020

Pakistan exported $ 1.6m human hair in five years, National Assembly told

Islamabad: The National Assembly was informed on Friday that Pakistan exported human hair worth 1.6 million US dollars in past five years.

Ministry of Commerce informed the lower house that 1,05,461 kilograms of human hair worth US $1,32,000 were exported to China in the past five years.

The parliamentary secretary for commerce informed the lower house that Pakistan has exported human hair to China, United States, UAE and other countries.

Human hair is used in developed countries for making wigs but its demand rapidly declined during the 2016-17 due to the decrease in the number of cancer patients.

Sources tell, that it was the first time lower house came to know about the human hair trade, which is considered a lucrative business.

Human hair trade traces back to centuries but Pakistan is recent in the exporting of the human hair.

Myanmar, previously known as Burma was largest and a multi-million dollar exported of the human hair trade. Since, 2010 it increased its export to nearly four times and became the fourth biggest exporter, UN statistics tell.

The trade of Human hair has brought Pakistan to a point where thousands in the country would want to take it ahead.

The hairs are first gathered, then they are sen to factories to be untangled, washed, combed and packaged before they are exported to other countries for making wigs and extensions.


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