Monday , June 1 2020

Pakistan has changed its mindset, India should move on too: PM Imran Khan

While talking to Indian Journalists on Friday Imran Khan remarked that Pakistan has changed its mind set and has moved on and India should follow the same.

The journalists came to Pakistan along with the delegation that came from India to attend the ground-breaking of Kartarpur corridor that was held on Wednesday.

On the same day the Indian external Affairs Minister Sushma Sawaraj remarked that the opening of Kartarpur corridor doesn’t mean that tension between India and Pakistan will decrease and there is a possibility of dialogue.  She said that Pakistan must take steps to fight terrorism.

In response to her comment, Prime minister said that Pakistan has no such interests to have use their land for terrorists. US have already blamed us in the past. The fact is that Pakistan is in no condition to have their land used for mischievous activities. We share a border with Afghanistan and we are making efforts to fence it.

He further said that it’s not the forum to discuss Kashmir issue. But Kashmir issue is solvable, I believe not that easy but once dialogues are started there will be an easy way out.

He gave the example of France and Germany saying that their living standard only improved when they started mutual trading. We share a big market. Our peaceful relations will benefit both of us. The conflict between the two countries is halting our progress extensively and we must learn from our past behaviour and move on.

PM Khan argued that Hafiz Saeed issue was inherited and India Must not blame our government for that.

About the Indian citizen Hamid Ansari who is said to have crossed border illegally and was arrested when he was found having fake ID card. Imran Khan said that we will address this problem.

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