Friday , June 5 2020

Pakistan has started to assemble its own Electric Bikes

electric bike in pakistan

Motorcycles are considered middle class rides in Pakistan and this is the segment that is most affected by rising petroleum prices. As oil prices rise in the world, the first thought that comes to the mind of Pakistanis is how much more expensive petrol will be next month and how will this inflation affect their budget.

Over the past decade in Pakistan, various companies have introduced electric-powered motorcycles to solve this problem, but most of them were imported and could not be popular with the public because of the huge cost. However, now two companies in Sahiwal city of Punjab province of Pakistan have started collaborating to manufacture electric motorcycles in Pakistan.

Usman Shaikh, CEO of Ouj Technologies, a Lahore-based electric motorcycle company said that we are one of the first assemblers to manufacture electric bikes in Pakistan, which we designed. These motorcycles are being manufactured on the popular Japanese design style in the market.  The shape and design are similar to that of ordinary motorcycles in Pakistan. Instead of just petrol engines, they have electric engines.

electric bike

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According to the CEO of the company, the future is about electric-powered technology and many countries are preparing it now and hence electric cars and motorcycles are being made in many countries like China, Japan, and Europe. Usman Shaikh said that his company has decided to take advantage of the existing gasoline-based ecosystem of gasoline-based motors, while locally developing an electric battery system.

“As many Chinese companies came, they used the same (Japanese) design because it had ecosystems and spare parts in Pakistan.” Usman Shaikh says this electric bike range is up to 70km and can be charged in five hours at home or office. According to him, the price of the motorcycle is currently at Rs 88,000 but efforts are being made to reduce it.

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