Saturday , January 25 2020

Pakistan is not safe for Women: Hareem Shah

hareem shah

Hareem Shah, a star on the TikTok app, declared Pakistan unsafe for women.

Hareem is being compared with a model girl Qandeel Baloch who was killed in 2016 due to her bold videos and statements, and in this regard, Hareem also declared Qandeel Baloch as a brave woman.

A few days ago, Hareem shared a controversial video of Sheikh Rasheed on social media and then two days ago she also claimed that Sheikh Rasheed had married her friend.

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Hareem Shah said that if I am lying, Sheikh Rasheed should come and put his hand on the Quran and make a statement.

Following the TikTok star’s statement, the BBC Urdu interviewed her about her identity card and the comments of people in her village.

Hareem Shah, while giving the interview to the British Broadcasting Agency, said that women are not safe in Pakistan.

It should be remembered that the social media model Qandeel Baloch was brutally murdered in 2016 by his brother in Multan.

Hareem’s statement has been widely criticized by social media users, while some have justified her statement.

To prove her point, the TikTok star said, “If I am wrong and you think Pakistan is safe for women, let your mother and sister travel alone at night.”

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