Thursday , April 9 2020

Pakistan protests High Commission official’s arrest in India

Islamabad: Pakistan High Commission official was arrested by the Indian authorities on Sunday and later released after the matter was raised by Pakistan, informed Foreign Office.

Sources informed that the High Commission’s official was arrested by the Indian authorities and was soon released after few hours. They informed that officer was forced to sign a note before his release when the matter was immediately taken up with the Indian side.

“Pakistan strongly protested this violation of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations and reserves the right to respond,” stated a Foreign Office person anonymously.

The place where this incident took place wasn’t disclosed by the Foreign Office. However, the Indian media cried that official got involved in an altercation with an Indian woman in a market in New Delhi.Following which the women complained in local police station where he was consequently shifted

The media told he was allowed to leave after he apologised to the complainant at the police station.

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