Sunday , April 5 2020

Pakistan to export potato, cherry, wheat to China

Yao Jing, the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, expressed his inclination in enhancing its import of potato, cherry and wheat from Pakistan.

The Chinese ambassador met Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan on Friday. Bilateral trade and cooperation in the export of the various Pakistani agriculture and livestock products was discussed.

Jing said that his government will officially invite Pakistani experts an entrepreneurs to monitor the Chinese expertise in latest hybrid rice seed production.

While talking at this meeting, the federal minister said that Pakistan and China were members of various international organisations, including Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The minister informed that China produces food for 20% of the world’s population and it has a huge population of itself for which it imports food from the various countries.

China is the fourth largest export market of Pakistan, Jing said. Moreover, he said that since the free trade agreement is signed between the two countries the bilateral trade is immensely favoured.


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