Wednesday , May 27 2020

Pakistani actress Yashma Gill produces a rap song to share awareness about Coronavirus

Yashma Gill

Pakistan’s leading actress Yashma Gill created a rap song to share awareness about coronavirus, she shares the song video on social media.

Yashma Gill, a leading actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, has created a rap song to share awareness about the virus with her fans and the Pakistani people.

Yashma Gul’s rap song is titled ‘Sunno’. The actress’s title of Rap Song shows that she wants to inform people about Corona.

The actress shared her song video on Instagram.

The actress wrote in her caption of the rap song “Sunno” that “Since the whole world is trying to fight the Coronavirus, I created this rap song in isolation so that I can share my feelings and I can convey the emotions I am feeling.’

She wrote, “During this difficult time, my biggest appeal is to stay positive, stay home and be safe.”

The actress further wrote that ‘this video is not intended to be just a music or rap song but through it, I have conveyed a message of public service.’

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