Monday , June 1 2020

Video: Pakistani Man Commits Suicide Live On Facebook

In a tragic incident, a young man from Sindh, Pakistan, shocked the country on Tuesday after committing suicide live on Facebook over an argument with his close friend.

Munir Khan Kalor, a resident of Mirpur Mathaileo, district Ghotaki, Sindh went to his angry friend for patch-up, but he refused to come out of his home and did not respond to his appeals. Munir then returned home, went live on his Facebook page and announced that he was going to end his life.

In his last post, Munir also mentioned his friend, named Kamran Laghari, saying: “You always remained important to me my entire life.” “Anyway, much thought and much seen.”


“I can see no way out of this pain and hence ending my life”, he said.

“If I have done any wrong to my friends, I seek their forgiveness”, he said.

The police said that Munir committed suicide live on Facebook so against whom they could register FIR is not clear yet.

“We register FIR against the person who commits suicide but in this case, he committed and is no more”, said the police officer of Jarwar police station in North Sindh.

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