Sunday , May 31 2020

Pakistani-origin Shahid Khan surpasses Donald Trump in wealth


US President Donald Trump is ranked 275th, while not a single woman is included in America’s richest first 10 people. Shahid Khan, 69 years old, a Pakistani-American businessman in the Forbes list, is ranked 61st with $ 8 billion wealth.

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According to details, a credible business journal, Forbes has released a list of 400 richest billionaire figures in the United States, with US President Donald Trump at 275th, wealth is estimated at $ 3 billion.

Donald Trump

According to the journal, most of Donald Trump’s wealth came from his real estate business, which he started with his father under a scheme to build affordable housing and, so far, in Manhattan, the most expensive New York area. It has more than half a dozen multi-story buildings and other businesses.

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