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Pakistani Police is unreliable, says global index.

Global Competitive Index 4.0 for 2018 report has published on Tuesday. It reveals that Pakistan lies among the countries whose police is pretty much unreliable.These countries have also reported relatively large number of crime and violence reports. Other Countries that were notably highlighted are Nigeria, South Africa, Yemen and Philippines.

The index covers reported about 140 countries and measured their national competitiveness. The level of intrusion, economic policies, set of institutions and factors are determined to find out the rating of each economy.

The index is based on 12 categories some of which are financial systems, innovation capacity, labour market ,institutions, information and communications technology adoption, macroeconomic stability and business dynamism.

In five of the 12 pillars, Pakistan earned an overall score below 50 and was marked the worst performers in institutions, ICT adoption, skills, and innovation capacity.

The institution assessment was based on the relationship between organised crime and the reliability of the police. The ratio obtained was startling.

Out of 100 the country scored 51.1 and ranked 107 out of total 140. It should be noted that last year the ranking was one level above hence, the ranking is deteriorated from the previous year.

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