Wednesday , May 27 2020

Pakistani Telecom companies are providing free internet and phone calls while lockdown

free internet

As a result of the new Novel Coronavirus disease, millions of people have been confined to homes due to lockdown.

On this occasion, the telecom companies operating in the country have taken various steps to ensure that the users of these services will not face any problem but can be facilitated.

Following are the companies which provide free internet and calls to mobile phone users during this difficult time.


The company is providing a free WhatsApp facility for locals in the provinces to connect with their loved ones due to lockdown in the provinces.

You will have to dial *247# after which the 2GB WhatsApp data will be available for free for a month, during which audio and video calls will be available along with messages.


The telecommunications company Zong is offering 20 minutes free of charge daily to consumers.

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You have to dial *45 # for free minutes and according to the company, in the current situation we believe that people want to stay in touch with their loved ones and this offer will help the customers.


The company is also offering a free WhatsApp facility so that people can stay in touch with their loved ones.

For this purpose, use the free WhatsApp, which includes video and voice calls, by dialling * 987 # and subscribing to the offer.


Jazz also introduced a service that allows free calls to selected government offices, doctors and laboratories.

Jazz has also temporarily lifted its ban on balancing time.

Free emergency calls

All companies are providing free call helpline number 1166.

Zong users can access the local government hospitals and doctors by calling 4343 while you can call Hilal Ahmar 1030 from Ufone for free.

It should be noted that despite the lockdown across the country, a series of new Coronavirus cases could not be stopped and the total number of affected persons in different parts of the country has increased to 1600.

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