Wednesday , May 27 2020

Panda Dogs!!! A new Breed in Market???

Panda Dogs

A Chinese cafe is under fire for painting dogs as pandas (Panda Dogs) to stand out in the competitive pet cafe market.

The cafe in the southwestern city of Chengdu, close to the native home of the giant panda. They also offer dyeing service for people who want to transform their own pets into pandas, Chinese media reported.

Panda Dogs

The cafe owner told news reporters that he had started offering pet dyeing services after the panda dogs became an instant hit with clients.

“Every time we dye it costs 1,500 yuan ($211),” the owner said. “The dye itself is very expensive.”

He said it takes trained staff about a day to transform a fluffy Chow Chow dog into a “panda.”

The dye is imported from Japan and won’t harm the dogs, the cafe owner said.

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