Friday , April 10 2020

PIA abolishes protocols for the governement officers


Rawalpindi: To mark an end to VIP culture, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has banned protocols and extraordinary setting for government and non-government officials across the country.

Airline president  Air Marshal Arshad Malik directed PIA to follow the regular procedure on all levels and for all people.

The president and Chief executive officer cannot avail extraordinary treatment on the national flag carrier and protocol is completely banned by the PIA administrations and executives.

The PIA has adopted a stern and strict behaviour for the government officials and also for its crew members, the protocol is taken back from executives and the staff recruited to perform various other duties at the airport.

Authentic sources informed that VIP culture had been put to and end by the PIA management for the executives and all passengers will be treated equally.

The staff  that was previously hired to facilitate them is withdrawn leaving the airlines’ crew members to handle their baggage on their own.

Withdrawn staff is deployed at various other duties such as wheelchair handling. The cabin crew room have also been abolished.

PIA put forwards its stance that this is done to improve the quality of service for all passengers and end discrimination for once and all.

“Sometimes the loaders also got tips from crew members for carrying their baggage to and from the airplane,” a senior official of the airlines mentioned saying that facilities had continued for about 30 to 40 years.


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